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Portrait of DJ seated outside on a step. Smiling at camera.

About Me

I’ve always loved words. I knew growing up I would find a way to publish my writing & share my ideas with the world. I could not have predicted, however, that writing would lead me to design.

I find purpose in using the tools and technology available to us in the modern world to communicate in new and creative ways. Combining my writing and design backgrounds allows me to create products that are instructive, entertaining, and inspiring.




I am a Liberian American. My family’s background and lived experience informs a lot of my creative work. In the US, I have lived in the smallest of beach towns and largest of cities. I’ve lived and worked in the Northeast and in the South.  I’m a millennial, a mother, a mental health advocate, a queer artist, and a nerd. My top five personal values are creativity, excellence, humility, justice, and well-being. 


I have two Bachelors degrees, in Psychology and Creative Writing and a Masters in Educational Technology. I call myself an expert in “people work”, having years of experience teaching and training both children and adults. This experience informs my writing and creative work by allowing me to write realistic and compelling characters. It also allows me to create effective user-centered design.

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Have a project in mind?

If you have a great idea or want a collaborator for your next project, reach out to me! 

Support My Work

If you don’t have a project you need help with, but would like to support my work, I am always patronage. Thank you!
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