Understanding Privacy as a Part of Tech Literacy

I have just over a month remaining in my first semester of my educational technology program and I have learned so much in every single lesson. Some of my favorite lessons have been the ones that introduce me to new tools and applications teachers are using to advance learning in the classroom. These are valuable to me now as an instructional coach constantly looking for resources to share with the teachers I support and will be valuable to me in the future as I continue to work in educational technology and instructional design.

Interacting with new educational tools and applications has meant creating a lot of new accounts, subscribing (and unsubscribing) to a lot of new list serves, and reading through a lot of privacy policies. It left me thinking about how many accounts and passwords students must have to keep track of in today’s high-tech educational landscape. What information are they sharing and how much instruction do they get around tech safety and security. I know that the International Society of Technology Education has student standards for managing data, privacy, and intellectual property, but do know know how many teachers are familiar with those standards and regularly incorporating such training into their lesson plans. So, I decided to do more learning about school and teacher obligations to student privacy and security when using educational technology and share that learning in an episode of my podcast for this grad course, Donnalie Studies Ed Tech.

The podcast and my sources are embedded below. Have a listen and feel free to share your own thoughts about student privacy and security when using educational technology. I’d love to hear from you.

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